Jeff Healey's Siamese Double Neck Guitar Is Up for Sale

The Canadian bought the custom Jackson while recording 1988's 'See the Light' and the 'Road House' soundtrack
Jeff Healey's Siamese Double Neck Guitar Is Up for Sale
Photos: (left), Mark Weiss (right)
A truly unique instrument once played and owned by the late Jeff Healey is up for sale. The Canadian's black siamese double neck Jackson electric guitar, seen above, has popped up for purchase through the Twelfth Fret, the long-running Toronto instrument shop that has listed the rare axe for consignment sale

Per Healey's website, the double neck Jackson was purchased at a Los Angeles Guitar Center, while in the city working on the Road House soundtrack and recording 1988's See the Light with the Jeff Healey Band.

The guitar's current owner shared with the Twelfth Fret that Healey used the Jackson "extensively on the road" before enlisting the help of a touring guitarist, also pointing out the instrument's appearance in videos for the hit "Angel Eyes" and his cover of Bob Dylan's "When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky."

Weighing 18 pounds and finished in gloss black, Healey's double neck Jackson features 12 strings on the top neck and a standard six strings on the bottom neck. Its conjoined headstocks are something of an unusual feature for double neck guitars, which have also been played by the likes of fellow Canadians Alex Lifeson of Rush, and Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar.

A quote attributed to Healey on his website finds him calling the guitar "a beautiful thing," sharing that "it has the best 12-string neck on it that I've ever experienced on any guitar."

"I decided that I wanted to get one, and I went through several guitar stores in Los Angeles trying Ibanez ones and Rickenbackers, and I hated all of them," Healey shared of his entry into the world of double neck instruments. "I had almost abandoned the idea when I stumbled across this Jackson which was a make I'd never heard of. So, I tried it out, it had everything on it that I wanted. I could play both necks at the same time… if I had four hands… It's perfect."

In 2007, Healey gave the instrument to its current owner, who tells the Twelfth Fret that outside of some minor electrical work, cleaning and setup, the guitar "is exactly as it was when Jeff last played it." The instrument, which also comes with its original case, can be had for $12,000 CAD, with further details here.

Healey passed away in 2008 of sarcoma. You can see the double neck Jackson in action below.