Jeff Gauthier Goatette

A very pleasing jazz album featuring Gauthier on jazz violin, Nels Cline on guitar, David Witham on keys, Joel Hamilton on bass and Alex Cline on percussion. This whole album has a good atmosphere to it, and although the style of jazz played tends to the traditional, the band members incorporate just enough elements of tasteful free form to keep the music fresh and interesting. Gauthier's violin playing is catchy, particularly on songs like "Waltz for K.P.," where he lets his notes embark upon dreamy tangents. The feel of the album tends to the light and mellow, but that is its charm. The sound is sharp and the players are adept keeping their music lush. Part of what makes this album so listenable and enjoyable is the superbly clean and crisp production, heightening the impact of these beautiful instruments. (Cryptogramophone)