Jeezy "No Tears" (ft. Future) (video)

Jeezy 'No Tears' (ft. Future) (video)
Despite Jeezy getting a little sentimental on his latest Seen It All: The Autobiography single, its title suggests that the Atlanta rap vet's ducts, nor those of AutoTuned hook master Future, will deliver "No Tears."

Set in the U.S. Virgin Islands with shots showing idyllic waters, fish market workmanship and a squad of locals hanging out with the rappers, the video finds Jeezy weighing in on his rise to fame and putting his shady past behind him. Future lends the track a somewhat questionable melody as he laments the loss of friends while noting that he won't let a tear roll down his face because of it.

In addition to a bevy of scenic shots, you'll find anti-crying spokesperson Jeezy detailing how he doesn't have "a weak bone in his body" down below. Seen It All drops September 2.