Je Ne Sais Quoi A Secret Language

Has anyone figured out what it is about Sweden’s music scene that makes their bands look and sound so much more competent than what other countries are producing? The Je Ne Sais Quoi are yet another example of the Swedish phenomenon. The band is inviting before you even press "play,” with listening instructions printed across the CD: "Play us loud on your cheap stereo.” But there’s really no need for this, because this is just the kind of thing you’ll want to beat your eardrums with. Though this five-song EP is over all too soon, it’s more than enough to induce some excitement. As the vocals of members Jorgen B and Josie O overlap into a singing/shouting frenzy, the guitars drone out fuzz-heavy chords overtop revved up drumbeats, stating the Je Ne Sais Quoi’s trademark sound of guitar music you can dance to. The quartet’s penchant for Gang of Four, Wire, and Le Tigre shines through every minute of this release. This is a hot blend of garage noise and art punk aesthetics, built on a foundation of solid influences with hyperactive originality, which is surely just a teaser of what’s to come. (Coalition)