JD Era "You Got It" (video)

JD Era 'You Got It' (video)
If you were hoping for Toronto's JD Era to drop a new music video for his "You Got It," well, you've got your wish. You probably didn't expect it to co-star a booty-moving, anthropomorphic snow leopard, though.

Throughout the track, JD Era rifles out bars about partying with his team, being an in-bed stand-in for women with Jay Z fantasies, and taking hits off that chronic.

Also seen are a handful of dancers, a lady in a flowing red gown and the highly sexualized cat-human hybrid in question, the latter of which lapping up a bowl of milk when not wriggling around on the floor. We're not quite sure where this lands on the misogyny scale, considering the interspecies angle of the video.

It's a bit of an eyebrow raiser, and you can catch it down below.