JD and the Sunshine Band

"The King Is Gone" (George Jones cover) (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 26, 2016

JD and the Sunshine Band is a Winnipeg collective that brings musicians and street-involved people together for artistic collaborations, and they just dropped their sophomore record, Soaking Up the Rays, this week. To celebrate the occasion, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive glimpse at their brand new video for album cut "The King Is Gone."
Described as "part bar-country, part hippie-folk," the band's roster isn't set in stone, sometimes growing to include up to 15 members. It's Adrian Spence that takes the lead on vocals for "The King Is Gone," sharing the spotlight with frontman and group namesake JD Ormond.
The tune is actually a George Jones classic, but JD and the Sunshine Band put their own drunken, dive-y spin on it — an aesthetic mirrored in the rowdy accompanying video.
In the band's own words, "get your party pants on" and join the collective celebration by watching the Jim Agapito-directed clip below.

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