Jay Tripwire Gemini Soul

No stranger to cosmic ideology, this record brings Jay Tripwire back in his tribal space gear. The Vancouver artist has made waves around the world, having toured from Moscow to Japan, Barcelona to London. His music has appeared on compilations from Fabric, Renaissance, Bedrock and Ultra. Gemini Soul demonstrates that Tripwire is still on groove point with tracks both hard-bumping and uplifting. Still, the record hits hardest at the start with the spiritually-charged "Absorb” and the cosmically sexy "Body to Body.” Midway through, the songs start to drone a bit but it’s a sweet drone and it’s transmutable. "The Evil That Men Do” breathes a dark, alien, corporate rhythm that gets melded with flute and hand drums, and Tripwire’s mix of tech and tribal house rings a west coast bell. The title track is a gorgeous piece to close the record, utilising jazz piano rhythms and echoes of the rainforest. (Nordic Trax)