Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Blue-Eyed Sunburned Easter Island Babies

For almost two decades, this Ottawa area freak-experimental improve noise-deco jazz group have been creating among the most interesting and daring concrete compositions that compete with the best of the last few decades. Taking cues from the likes of Ornette Coleman, Captain Beefheart, fusion-era Miles Davis and Henry Cow, JOTFC add a very primal and tribal twist to their brand of jazz, adding just enough regularity/familiarity to reel in a traditional listener, then x-raying them with a giant lens from a space telescope. Although unlikely, an illusion is heard, that being of using analog tape that was pre-recorded at a high level by an amateur electronic musician and recording their improvs over it at a lower one and stored tails in, allowing a pre-echo and bleed-through of "what was with what is now.” The effect is bizarre bleeps and glitches suddenly poking through a dense freakish flanged machinery jazz music. Quite interesting material here — and well worth seeking out. (Outdoor Planet)