Jawbreaker Etc.

Although they were around for a little more than seven years, San Francisco's Jawbreaker had an impact on the punk scene that will be timeless. As this 70-plus minute collection of 20 outtakes, B-sides and unreleased gems illustrates, the trio of Adam Pfahler, Chris Bauermeister and Blake Schwarzenbach took gritty three-chord pop punk to new levels of depth and maturity over the course of four albums, countless EPs and compilation contributions. This disc opens with a crude, early incarnation of "Shield Your Eyes," from 1988, and moves chronologically to outtakes from Dear You, their 1995 major label debut and studio swansong sessions. It's somehow fitting that the very last track is a re-recording of "Boxcar," one of their most popular songs from their indie days. Jammed with archival photos and commentary from the band, the liner notes offer amazing insight into the material. For those unfamiliar with one of the smartest and most influential pop punk bands ever, it's a great introduction. For long-time fans, it's a convenient way to complete your collection. (Blackball)