Jared Leto Attacks Fan With Microphone... Again

Jared Leto Attacks Fan With Microphone... Again
Mistake No. 1: Actually going to see 30 Seconds to Mars.
Mistake No. 2: Getting within striking distance of Jared Leto as he bashes you in the face with a microphone.

As you may have guessed, actor Jared Leto, who moonlights as front-man for alt-rock act 30 Seconds to Mars, has shown his fan appreciation at a recent London gig by smokin’ a concertgoer with a mic.

According to reports, the attack in the British capital occurred during the "hit” song "Buddha for Mary,” which now goes: "He says — BAM! — ‘There’s a paradise beneath me.’” The beat-down can be viewed via YouTube here.

This attack follows an earlier violent outbreak from Leto, where he sucker-punched a fan at the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands (if you want to skip through the awful performance and go straight to Jordan Catalano’s, er, Leto’s clichéd rock routine it happens at the 3:50 stage).

Perhaps this explains why no one catches him whenever he stage dives.