Jane Berserker

Jane is the mellow, soulful, beat-driven collaboration between Panda Bear of Animal Collective and NYC DJ Scott Mou. The two used to work together at the renowned NYC record store Other Music and stay up nights, talking about things on their minds and making spontaneously created music together, which they would then issue on CD-R and sell exclusively at their store. Now that Animal Collective has Paw Tracks, their own sub-label with Carpark, they’ve set out to reissue these ethereal, soothing recordings. Berserker is the first in a series to be followed by two EP’s (Coconuts and Paradise). Housed in Mou’s excellent cartoonist artwork, this album features four extended tracks that lie somewhere between ambient music and minimal techno, exhibiting gentle swaths of synthesised sound and subtly deep and primitive beats that create an intriguing, if not occasionally amateurish musical base upon which Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) lays his effects-laden vocals. The result is pure mystic delight. (Paw Tracks)