James Ruskin Into Submission

Vast, earth-rumbling techno that takes me back to my warehouse rave days. This is a big sounding recording that's made to be played on a big amp system for very big events. James Ruskin has quarried some serious granite-textured tech house that maintains a steady pace, like a marching juggernaut. There are two slower, more trip-hop yet darker pieces, "Against your will" and "Escape or Die," that are about a third slower than the rest of the material. One track, "Is It Really Me," hearkens to a more traditional house music style, without the thick impenetrable outer shell. Perhaps more pared down and simpler than other artists on Tressor, like K. Hand, Into Submission is still an impressive listen that will rattle anyone who dares to play it. This is music for giants. (Tresor)