Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey All is One, Live in New York City

Though from Tulsa, OK, this trio is well suited to the NYC downtown axis that contains Medeski, Martin & Wood, Lounge Lizards and Charlie Hunter, and they attack the groove with such vigour that dancers at their gigs surely risk bursting into flames trying to keep up. Brian Haas plays the Rhodes, melodica and acoustic piano like a prizefighter constantly concerned with speed and variety of punches. Bassist Reed Mathis not only sticks with him like a good sparring partner but also flexes his muscles with sudden shifts, from tasteful acoustic upright to fat distorted electric. And Jason Smart is a kinetic force, searching out the rhythm in any corner that may conceal it. The live set never lags and the setting is inarguably the best presentation for a band driven by high voltage energy. This is so good that I didn't even feel the need to make fun of the name. (Knitting Factory)