Jacksoul "Got to Have It"

Jacksoul 'Got to Have It'
Jacksoul singer Haydain Neale tragically passed away in 2009, but he's set to be remembered with a greatest-hits collection later this year. While we wait for this compilation, an unreleased demo from his archives called "Got to Have It" has emerged.

A press release reveals that the tune was written and recorded in the summer of 2007, noting that all of the vocals were recorded in a single take. Despite the apparently speedy demo process, the lush harmonies are spot-on, and the song is a buoyantly funky, infectious soul tune. Jacksoul collaborator Ron Lopata and Thomas "Tawgs" Salter polished up the arrangement for its release.

Listen to the song below. This is apparently one of several previously unreleased demos to appear on the forthcoming best-of record.