Jack White Talks the Dead Weather, White Stripes Film, Upcoming Projects

Jack White Talks the Dead Weather, White Stripes Film, Upcoming Projects
The debut of Jack White's most recent band, the Dead Weather, caught most people off guard, but after giving us little info about the band, White has now opened up, giving full details on what's to come.

Speaking with Self-Titled, White and band-mate Alison Mosshart (also of the Kills) explained how the band formed within 24 hours after Mosshart filled in for White when he slipped a disc in his neck touring with the Raconteurs.

Most interesting of all, however, during the chat White talks about a few different projects he has coming up, including producing new artists Mildred and Rachelle Garniez, as well as some "pretty big records" and a White Stripes film that includes 40 songs.

"There's a lot going on! I'm producing four or five records right now," says White. "There's this new artist Mildred that we just worked with, who's incredible. She's got a seven-inch coming out very, very soon. Then another girl named Rachelle Garniez - a beautiful songwriter - we did one song with her that's coming out. We've got this whole series coming out where people are just taking a photo at the Third Man building with a blue background, and you just hear the music and look at their photographs. And I've been producing and playing drums on all these records as well.

"Then there's some other stuff I can't tell you about, but other pretty big records. Then also Third Man Films. The White Stripes are releasing a film this year, and when I go back home in a few days I'm going to mix all the music for that, which is like 40 songs, so that's going to take a lot of time."

You can read the whole interview by clicking here.