Jack Pedler D.T. Delinquent

Jack Pedler is one of the rare venerable characters in the music business. He is a true "character"- a professor of oddity with loads of personality. This effervescent seasoned drummer of 30-plus years, a musical co-conspirator with the likes of Dave Rave, Coyote Shivers, Teenage Head and Dan Lanois, takes on the world with his new album, a sort of manic circus musical of rock with a wild insanity - stirring imagination that could only come from his mysterious kaleidoscopic mushy beat-era-esque brain. Donning the guitar and drums, Pedler takes us through a circus soliloquy of rock that is part Tom Waits, distorted Ramones an inverted (albeit slight) disguised prog. Numbers like "Muzzlechop Whisker" and "Hippie Fascists" explore and address the quirky side of politics, humanity and the weirdness that is living, while the musical backdrop consists of a severe big band theatre spectacle of drunk but seasoned horns, guitars and female choirs. Jack Pedler is unformulaic, and he challenges you, the listener, to defy expectations. It is good to be unreal. Have trust in Jack. (Sonic Unyon)