J.J. Abrams Is Launching His Own "Indie" Label

Loud Robot is an offshoot of his Bad Robot production company and a collaboration with Capitol Music Group
J.J. Abrams Is Launching His Own 'Indie' Label
Having conquered the worlds of television with Lost and film with Stars both Trek and Wars, J.J. Abrams is now setting out to do what every aging Gen Xer eventually does. That's right, he's launching his very own "indie" label.

The label is called Loud Robot — a reference to his own Bad Robot production company. The label is being launched in conjunction with Bad Robot and Capitol Music Group.

What will J.J. Abrams' indie label focus on, you may be wondering. Will it specialize in obscure garage reissues? Noise rock lathe cuts? Post-punk tapes? Well, probably not.

Instead, as per The Hollywood Reporter, the label will "focus on short-term collaborations to release original music, finding both emerging and established artists through traditional A&R methods."

The label is being headed by McKee Floyd and Nicky Berger alongside Charles Scott, who currently heads Bad Robot's music division. The idea is that the label will release music that can also be placed in Bad Robot properties.

So yeah. Long live indie!