J Dilla Receives Another Posthumous Release: 'Diamonds & Ice'

J Dilla Receives Another Posthumous Release: 'Diamonds & Ice'
The posthumous material from late hip-hop icon J Dilla just keeps on coming. Following a long string of archival releases, another EP will arrive later this month in the form of Diamonds & Ice. This will be available on 12-inch vinyl on August 27 via Pay Jay.

Like the prior Anthem 12-inch, this EP previews some material from Dilla's forthcoming posthumous full-length, The Diary. It features three different versions apiece of the songs "Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)" and "Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)," including final, alternate and instrumental mixes. The songs have previously been available in limited form.

The seven-track collection ends with "Big D," an instrumental by Madlib that J Dilla never completed work on. Scroll past the tracklist below to stream the completed version of "Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)."

The 12-inch is available to pre-order here.

Diamonds & Ice:

A1. Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)

A2. Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1) (alternate)

A3. Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1) (instrumental)

B1. Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)

B2. Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)  (Ruff Draft version)

B3. Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)  (instrumental)

B4. The D