J-Zone Discusses His Dream Rap Collaborations with Prince Paul and Danger Mouse

J-Zone Discusses His Dream Rap Collaborations with Prince Paul and Danger Mouse
Following the 2011 release of his acclaimed autobiography Root for the Villain and a nine-year hiatus recording, NYC rap jokester J-Zone is back with his new full-length Peter Pan Syndrome, his sixth solo album, released this month through his own Old Maid Records. But despite just getting back in the game this year, the rapper/producer/writer says he's already plotting his next move.

"Has-Lo is really dope, I want to work with him more. I want to work with Al-Shid, we have so much history and I wanted to get him back into it. I always wanted to work with Suga Free. I've met him before and he's real cool but he's in a total different subgenre," says Zone in a recent Exclaim! interview.

Who else is in store? "I'm down to work with anyone as long as it's stretching the boundaries, not just arbitrary boom-bap records," Zone says.

The NY rapper/producer is most excited about working with other producers, showing extra enthusiasm about the possibility of working with De La Soul/Handsome Boy Modeling School producer Prince Paul. As Zone explains, "I'd like to do a whole record with Prince Paul on some just insane shit, like to get in the studio with [him] and conceive something really wild. I'd really enjoy that."

The most intriguing proposed collaboration: longtime friend and fellow producer Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley), with whom J-Zone wants to reunite in the studio.

"Danger Mouse, we were friends forever. Time permitting, I'd like to get him in the studio and we'd work on some music. We both play instruments so maybe we could do, like, some folk shit, like a raggedy four-piece funk band and make records just for people to sample."

While you're waiting to hear these proposed records, J-Zone's Peter Pan Syndrome is out now. Stream the record below and buy it at his official site here.