Isolée Returns With Well Spent Youth

Isolée Returns With <i>Well Spent Youth</i>
German-bred electronic guru Rajko Müller likes to take him time with his Isolée project. His debut album, Rest, was released in 2000. From there, he took five years before perfecting the minimal house on his 2005 stand-out We Are Monster. Now, nearly six years later, he's announced his return with a new album.

The record is called Well Spent Youth, and according to XLR8R, it will be "psychedelic and full of analog sounds, as well as fit for both home listening and club soundsystems." The full tracklisting is viewable below, and one track includes the subtitle "'97 Interlude," so perhaps we can expect some sort of '90s throwback too.

Well Spent Youth will be available on January 21 via Pampa Records, the imprint run by DJ Koze.

Well Spent Youth:

1. "Paloma Triste"

2. "Thirteen Times An Hour"

3. "Taktell"

4. "Journey's End"

5. "Going Nowhere"

6. "One Box"

7. "Celeste"

8. "Trop Près De Toi (97' Interlude)"

9. "Hold On"

10. "Transmission"

11. "In Our Country Paloma Triste"