Isle of Q Isle of Q

What happens when a generic, unfocused group of hard rock music enthusiasts with a masturbatory sense of passion and a record deal make an album? Lame, flimsy, unconvincing - the last is ideal, since this group comes across as a failed DNA experiment that attempted to meld Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains. Like the film The Fly, they forgot to look out for unwanted elements in the process that would create horrible mutations. In this case, excrement. The only survivor to emerge out of this broken elevator music is the production team of Joe and Phil Nicolo, otherwise known as the Butcher Bros., who provide their unique brand of sonic beef that marries static electricity with sugar. The final blow of death is delivered by the use of a swooning and pulling guitar, which should be banned from music completely. It's like allowing a known diddler to walk the streets. (Universal)