Ishq Orchid

A rather niche market CD that doesn't offer anything new or progressive, rather one could hear this kind of music while tuning into the DEMX ambient channel, for anyone that has that kind of cable budget. Orchid is the kind of CD that might typically be played for yoga or meditation class. But, despite its predictability, it is still an enjoyable ambient/down-tempo CD to listen to because it is well produced, features lush, clean sounds and is designed to please and relax rather than to challenge. Some analogies that come to mind are Dr. Alex Paterson (of the Orb), Mixmaster Morris and Klaus Schulze. Orchid offers the myriad sounds one may hear on a moods music CD, including rippling stream water, water dripping in cavernous spaces, flutes, gentle phonetic tonal singing, the chirping of birds and the flutter of feathery wings, all set to warm, lush atmospheric synthesiser landscapes and echo effects. This recording is a musical raft drifting along a deep forest stream. (Interchill)