Isan Plans Drawn In Pencil

Isan’s fourth release for Morr Music is reminiscent of März’s softer work for the Karaoke Kalk label. There is a cute, primary school innocence to the flowing compositions, making the music seem simple and one dimensional on a quick listen, but it doesn’t take long to notice the complexity and musical magic of this British duo. Anthony Ryan and Robin Saville worked separately from their homes with a wide variety of tools, both analogue and digital, to create the sketches for this album. After the plans were complete, Ryan and Saville met up to fine tune everything, making all sorts of difficult sounds easy to listen to. The results are songs with click-y IDM rhythms and the softness of ambient music with incredible attention to detail. The combination of lulling keys, desperate crackles, deep round bass and random tickles of sound make this the best quiet album I’ve heard in years. "Amber Button” and "Road Runner” come to mind as favourites but the whole album is well worth plugging into — let it run and dream the day away. (Morr)