Isabel's Dream Monomara

A gorgeous album produced by Toronto's Michael Ulrich, I would compare this album with the work of guitar loop and processing luminaries Kurt Swinghammer and Michael Rockwood. Vast exquisite loops unfurl like billowing summer clouds across a clear blue summer sky, harnessed to form these seven eye-glazing tracks, which are propelled by sequenced beats and rhythmic bass lines. So voluptuous are the loops on this album that they sound like an entire string orchestra unto themselves. I get the sense that the loops alone could have carried the album. My one beef is that applying timely sequenced beats to these timeless loops might cause the recording to sound dated. I bet LTJ Bukem would never have been able to envision such a gorgeous take on atmospheric drum & bass and down-tempo as Ulrich has - are you reading this, Good Looking? (Aporia)