​Is Taylor Swift a Former High Priestess of the Church of Satan?

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 9, 2016

The internet is a truly wonderful place that brings together some of the world's most imaginative thinkers — as demonstrated by the growing support behind the theory that Michael Jackson is alive and well and chilling under a pile of laundry in the backseat of his daughter's car.
Now, another pop icon is involved in an online conspiracy theory, and this time it's Taylor Swift under scrutiny. Some overly keen observers have discovered a spooky resemblance between Swift and former Satanist leader Zeena LaVey, and are even convinced that Swift could be an incarnation or clone of the — and this is worth noting for all you scientists out there, still living — LaVey.
LaVey's father was the founder of the Church of Satan, and she served as a high priestess from 1985 to 1990. Also an artist and musician, LaVey has since renounced her father's church and devoted her life to Sethianism. She's been a high priestess of the Temple of Set since 2002.
She also bears a striking resemblance to none other than chart-topping pop princess Swift. The similarities were initially pointed out a few years back, but the theory has reared its head again on Twitter more recently.
Any actual affiliation between LaVey and Swift is probably just ridiculous conjecture, but you can check out some uncanny comparisons between the two down below and come to your own conclusions.

There's even an elaborate explanation as to how the Illuminati managed to clone LaVey into Swift, and then scattered satanic messaged throughout the latter's "Bad Blood" video.


To the left #TaylorSwift to the right #ZeenaLaVey. Let's not overlook the uncanny resemblance between the two. Some say it's her #clone. The illuminati is known for doing this. They clone successful and influential people that will continue to carry out their sinister agenda for mankind ( keanu Reeves, mark zuckerberg, many other celebs) look into it. The video #badblood itself has a lot of satanic symbols and messages. Here it shows "catastrophe" (swift ) kicked out the window by "arsyn" ( #SelenaGomez). Then it shows swift getting her body reconstructed making her superhuman or maybe immortal. Hebrew #gematria word value for "zeena Taylor bad blood" is "identical twins" with a number value at "1330" which "33" is obviously associated with the illuminati. "Catastrophe" has an English #gematria word value of " devil horns" and "keanu Reeves" Coincidence?? "Arsyn" has a word value for "hexagram" and "funeral" ( swift appeared dead in the video ). #musicindustry #Rapindustry #fucktheelite #fuckthegovernment #Fuckthesystem #killuminati #newworlddissorder #ForbiddenKnowledge #exposingthetruth #exposed #MURIKKKA #nasalies #Flatearth #populationcontrol #angenda21 #entertainmentindustry #hollyweird #hellywood #politics #obama #hillary  #berniesanders #DonaldTrump #presidentialelection

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Thanks to Buzzfeed for blowing our minds.

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