Is Radiohead's King of Limbs the First Part of a Double Album?

Is Radiohead's <i>King of Limbs</i> the First Part of a Double Album?
We're going to file this in the "maybe" pile, but a rumour has surfaced that Radiohead only released half of a two-part album when they loosed The King of Limbs last week. Without any word from the band, this might just be wishing thinking from the fans, since the album is only eight songs long. However, if you look into some of these conspiracy theories with an open mind, you might just see that there could be some validity to the claims that The King of Limbs could actually be a double record.

The Daily Swarm points to more than a few suspect indicators surrounding the recently released album. For one, the final track is called "Separator," which could hint that it's the natural break in the middle of a longer piece. Another fishy addition is that pre-orders of the album were reportedly labelled TKOL1 (The King of Limbs 1), hinting at the possibility of a TKOL2.

Also, just like how Radiohead issued a second set of bonus tracks with the deluxe edition of In Rainbows, or how the Kid A sessions also birthed the follow-up album Amnesiac, the group tend to have some extra songs kicking around.

Some fans are also point out that the album hardly features Radiohead as a whole, pointing to a significant lack of Jonny Greenwood. We say, let's wait until we see these songs live.

The theories behind a double-disc version of The King of Limbs is currently no more than hearsay, but come the album's proper release -- March 29 for the standard edition and May 9 for the deluxe box set -- we might just have a host of new tunes to sift through from Thom Yorke and co.