Irving I Hope You're Feeling Better Now

With a new Radiohead album out, the inexplicable lingering popularity of nu-metal acts and the media’s sycophantic nattering about wholly disposable groups, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that some listeners still see music as a vehicle for fun. Luckily, bands like Irving refuse to take themselves, or anything for that matter, too seriously, releasing an EP that, as the title suggests, leaves you blushing with giddiness. Sure, it’s only five songs of cookie-cutter indie-pop, but if you don’t manage a smile during the ’70s sitcom theme song that is "The Curious Thing About Leather” you should consider more hugs and/or Prozac. Likewise with the heart-warming, early-Cure naivety of "I Can’t Fall in Love,” one of the most infectious singles I’ve heard this year. (Eenie Meenie)