Iron Reagan "Bodies"

Iron Reagan 'Bodies'
After banding together in 2011, Virginia metalheads Iron Reagan will finally be releasing their debut album, Worse Than Dead, early next month. The foursome is a 50/50 split of members from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, and according to the band's release, are comparable to "Leeway, the Cro-Mags, and Nuclear Assault." Although the album isn't set to drop for a bit, they've decided to give us a preview of its sound with new track "Bodies," which you can stream below.

While "Bodies" is a short track, it is heavy and unrelenting throughout, featuring a breakneck pace and reckless energy before dropping into a groovy breakdown to close things out.

Worse Than Dead will be available March 5 via A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records, but for now, you can stream "Bodies" below.