Interstellar Late Night Tea

It's funny what you can do at four in the morning, because that is when this album sounds like it was recorded. Toronto's Interstellar seems to have mastered the process of fooling around with their keyboards and effects pedals till the wee hours. Psychedelic, ambient rock can only handle so much cloudy, atmospheric artwork, exotic colours, or no colours at all, and boring, endless jams, and the use "space," "galaxy" and any solar systems or planets must be stopped. To get back to this review of Late Night Tea, well, really there isn't much to this album. Of the eight tracks on it, there are three dedicated to messing about with a synthesiser, three that are slow, Spiritualized-esque, guitar strumming ballads, one that oddly sounds like Tortoise and another that rips off the Wizard of Oz cartoon with a sample of the Scarecrow being given a brain. No this isn't a bad first album, but haven't we all seen or heard it before? (Mother Superior)