BY Coreen WolanskiPublished Jan 1, 2006

Helping to keep the pulse of Canadian dark electronic strong, Montreal industrial/EBM act Insurgent have come out with their third record. The display of aggression on songs like "Spyware” with enough power chords to keep the head banging at a steady rate will blow away anyone who is a fan of Ministry’s "Psalm 69”. It’s great to hear that sound — the sound of the kind of industrial that many of my musical tastes were reared on — but they don’t let the programming to get lost with all the heaviness that surrounds it (check out "Post-cabled System” or the "Post-cabled Man,” or even the neo-classical intro to "In/Out.”) The vocals enrich the sinister atmosphere with their devilish effects, but it’s nice to hear the vocalist singing as opposed to the tired old growling or shouting routine.

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