Instruments of Science & Technology Music from the Films of R/Swift

Something must be made clear right off the bat: Richard Swift’s latest release is nothing — literally, nothing — like his previous work. Using the new moniker Instruments of Science & Technology, Swift has silenced his voice, laid down the guitar and fully immersed himself in the weird and wonderful world of electronic music. And considering that bittersweet folk songs and a powerful set of pipes have previously been his calling cards, this is a surprising move, to say the least. However, this doesn’t mean Music from the Films of R/Swift is at all bad; it’s just different, very different. In a vein reminiscent of Richard D. James’s ambient work, as well as early electronic-based Krautrock, INST coolly filter out a thick haze of synths, beats, blips and bleeps. At times, they come out thumping, at others, relaxed and meditative, mixing melodies with tinges of dissonance and spacey ambiance. Once the initial shock is over, it’s easy to see that Swift has hatched a commendable electronic offering. Not to mention proved there’s more to him than you might have thought. (Secretly Canadian)