Inkling Miscommunication

Inkling has emerged from out of nowhere to release a staggering EP with Miscommunitcation. Produced by Brian Mcternan (Cave In, Drowningman), Miscommunication sonically holds its own against just about anything currently on the scene, but it's the music that compels. Inkling has absorbed the mathematical permutations of latter-day Botch, alongside the spastic musical contortions of the now tragically defunct National Acrobat, but has tempered that merger with a healthy respect for emocore's passionate laments. When all these elements intertwine seamlessly, as they do on Miscommunication's opening track and pinnacle "Drawing Conclusions," it seems nothing can withstand Inkling's contrasting brutality and beauty. Possessed of a harshness and sing-along quality that comforts even while it confronts, Inkling possesses an accessibility that is in direct contradiction to their abrasive nature, but succeeds. However, while Miscommunication is a brilliant beginning, Inkling has a tendency to occasionally separate their influences instead of allowing their synthesis to shine, particularly with some of their straight-ahead, melancholy emo offerings. Still, these unmitigated moments of tranquillity and regret offer a brief respite from Inkling's chaotic barrage, although they are most effective when combined with Inkling's more aggressive personality. (Hex)