Informatik Nymphomatik

My first impression was that this was a fairly decent but generic electronic dance record: catchy enough, predictable programming and distorted vocals. Although it would likely live up to its full potential on the dance floor rather than the home stereo, I do like these guys and what they did concept wise here is great. The disc opens with the sexually charged "Flesh Menagerie," suitably in keeping with the album title, and there most certainly is a common theme here: one-night stands, unrequited love and pure, good ol' fashioned kink, which is a unique idea for an EBM record. Overall, the innuendo-filled lyrics (see "Physical Education") transform the simple, dark feel of the record to darkly seductive, and kind of validates the nightclub behaviour of bumping and grinding your sweaty PVC clad booty in front of that dark god/goddess next to you whilst pretending really not to notice them at all. There is even a song about a custom-made android sex slave. Could this be the shape of things to come? Is this the 21st century's answer for safe sex? This album will keep you listening, proving once and for all that sex does sell. (Metropolis)