Rocketship, Boyracer, LAKE Cover Rose Melberg on Tribute LP

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 1, 2016

California-made, BC-based singer-songwriter Rose Melberg has maintained a prolific indie-pop career since the early '90s, whether playing in Tiger Trap and Go Sailor, making solo music, or working in newer projects like Knife Pleats. A bunch of bands are now set to celebrate her catalogue on a new tribute compilation called Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg.

The collection comes out on CD and digitally on September 29 via February Records. A press release explains that the 21-song toasting to Melberg's many projects was put together because the artist "played an indispensable part in furthering the indiepop movement in the U.S.," with her career including anything from "fragile, wistful folk to giddy, fizzy cuddlecore to sophisticated, almost jazzy, pop."

In addition to early '90s greats Tiger Trap, Melberg has played with Go Sailor, The Softies, Gaze, Brave Irene, Tally Ho!, PUPS, Imaginary Pants and Knife Pleats. Impressively, she's issued material through K Records, Double Agent, Kingfisher Bluez, Kill Rock Stars, Slumberland Records, Where It's At Is Where You Are and Lost Sounds Tapes, among others.

Curated by Idaho native Jeremy Jensen, whose own the Very Most project contributed a song, Constant and True includes covers from bands across the U.S., Scotland, England, Spain, Norway, France, Australia and Dominican Republic. This includes LAKE, Saturday Looks Good to Me, the Prams, Seapony and more. Interestingly, Boyracer reformed to cover the Softies' "Alaska" for the comp, while Transmittens got back together to put a twist on Tiger Trap's "Words and Smiles."

You'll find the full tracklisting info down below, along with a player showcasing Rocketship's chamber-gaze reworking of Melberg's "My Broken Heart." Proceeds from the sale of the comp will go towards the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, "a charity that is near and dear to Rose's heart." You can pre-order over here.

Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg:

1. The Hermit Crabs "Wonderful"
2. The Prams "No Fun"
3. Featherfin (ft. Deerful) "Old Days"
4. Bodyheat "Moon Singer"
5. Emma Kupa "You And Only You"
6. Saturday Looks Good To Me "Winter Pageant"
7. Marc Elston "The Best Days"
8. LAKE "Tracks And Tunnels"
9. Fireflies "Selfish"
10. The Smittens "Together Forever in Love"
11. John Girgus and The Legendary House Cats "Hello Rain"
12. The Royal Landscaping Society "I Love You More"
13. Gabardine "It's Love"
14. Boyracer "Alaska"
15. Band á Part "Long Distance"
16. Seapony "He'll Never Have to Know"
17. The Very Most (ft. Sarah Robostein) "C.K.M."
18. Tomiji "Fine Day For Sailing"
19. Tangible Excitement "Puzzle Pieces"
20. Transmittens "Words And Smiles"
21. Rocketship "My Broken Heart"


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