Inca Ore with Lemon Bear's Orchestra The Birds in the Bushes

Inca Ore is the alternate persona of Eva Saelens, West coast acid folk rebel, occasional Jackie O Motherfucker member and sometime Yellow Swans collaborator (to name but a few of her memorable musical contributions and scattered golden moments). For her 5RC debut, Saelens gets downright freaky with her mysterious buddy Lemon Bear and his assortment of percussive and wind instruments, screeching and cavorting her wide-ranged vocal talents from one end of the spirit spectrum to the other, while the instruments clatter and meld like a ramshackle orchestra falling down stairs. The two secluded themselves in a cabin on the Oregon Coast to cut The Birds in the Bushes, and its distance from the world at large and determined striving to break through levels of primitive enlightenment are shoved right into your face, through your mind and out the back of your skull. This is one freaky record filled with raw, exciting and very real expression, not just another bullshit freak folk jam band album. Listen to this with the lights off and you just might summon some spirits to dance with you. (5RC)