In My Coma Next Life

In My Coma  Next Life
On new album Next Life, In My Coma mix just enough modernity into their balance of pop and rock to stay relevant while keeping the old guard happy. The huge guitar leads and layered vocal harmonies, especially on songs like "We Are One," show that In My Coma are angling towards arena gigs in the not-too-distant future, while "Beautiful Mind" is a real banger, fully capable of finding its way into rock radio playlists by the end of the year — comparisons to the Killers' Hot Fuss aren't far off.
The raisin in the cookie, so to speak, are Jasper James' auto-tuned vocals, which will be loved by some, but might sound out of place, or like a crutch to others. It's a weird choice, one In My Coma should reconsider if they want to keep this trajectory going. (Independent)