In Medias Res "Flower in the Snow" ('Stalker' Score Preview) (video)

In Medias Res 'Flower in the Snow' ('Stalker' Score Preview) (video)
Atmospheric Vancouver indie rockers In Medias Res still haven't announced a proper follow-up to their It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out LP, but bandleader Andrew Lee will be premiering new music tomorrow night (March 7) in the form of an original score to Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 epic Stalker. You can get a sample of his soundtrack now via a film-clip-assisted teaser called "Flower in the Snow."

Lee's whitewashing aural landscape initially delivers droning synth bass and vertigo-inducing swirls of textured sound, but concludes with a gentle if melancholic guitar passage. The pensive feel of the music lines up nicely with a moody black and white shot of the film's stalker taking a writer and a physicist out to the Zone, an abandoned plot of land where your innermost desires apparently come true.

Lee performs his Stalker score tomorrow at Vancouver's Remington Gallery.