Impulse Manslaughter Live at WFMU

This record is packed with 38 songs, all of which have horrible production and from what I can tell, little to no talent behind them. I have no idea who the fuck this horrible band is, but someone pissed away their money putting it onto CD. Impulse Manslaughter are a band that wants to be Discharge, with three-chord speed and politically charged lyrics. The first 17 songs are from a radio show that sounds horrible. This show must be broadcast on walkie-talkies or something because I have recordings of bands from radio shows in 1984 that sound like professional studio recordings compared to this shit. Hoping for relief with the studio tracks proved to be wishful thinking. In the future, Impulse Manslaughter should do everyone a favour when offered to play a radio show, by having the good sense to just say no. (Beer City)