Imperative Reaction Redemption

Imperative Reaction was created during 1996 in Los Angeles by the duo of David Andrecht and Ted Phelps. Working towards redemption from their dissatisfaction with earlier work, the duo set out to experiment with fresh material. As a result, Imperative Reaction was born. In 2004, Imperative Reaction has again shed their earlier sounds. This time the group has created a layered and energetic album with a huge focus on toying with EBM and synth-pop (especially noticeable in the marching beats of "Arrogance”). Occasionally Redemption approaches a mainstream electro-rave sound. Yet Imperative Reaction achieve this open sound without turning their darkened backs towards synth-pop loving rivet heads. The angry spirit in songs like "Your Truth” manages to balance well with the accessible sounds in tracks like "Giving in to the Change.” The vocals are also still intense, even in "Malady” where female vocalist Lisbeth Phelps takes over. Overall, Redemption is a well-rounded release. If you’re open to a little synth-pop in your life, check this one out. Redemption is definitely worthy of DJ replay. (Metropolis)