ILOVEMAKONNEN "All Eyez on Me" (Tupac freestyle)

ILOVEMAKONNEN 'All Eyez on Me' (Tupac freestyle)
As lovable as it was, there's no denying that "Tuesday" was something of a novelty song. Despite that, ILOVEMAKONNEN has proven himself to be a viable, hard-working and talented artist. This morning, he hopped on a live freestyle over top the beat from Tupac's "All Eyez on Me."

The impromptu freestyle featured plenty of thematic mainstays from ILOVEMAKONNEN's oeuvre, including references to snacks and the Red Dragon. If you've wanted to hear a millennial update of a classic hip-hop song, you'll love hearing your boy shout out Uber on a Tupac track.

Watch ILOVEMAKONNEN freestyle on Sway in the Morning below.