Illangelo "What the Fuss" (ft. Rochelle Jordan)

Illangelo 'What the Fuss' (ft. Rochelle Jordan)
Weeknd collaborator Illangelo (a.k.a. Carlo Montagnese) has teamed up with a different T.O. singer, Rochelle Jordan, for his latest murky R&B mover, "What the Fuss."

The beat is blanketed with echoey explosions, slinking synth-bass groove and airy guitar ambiance, leaving plenty of space for Jordan's honeyed but hushed musings. Here, she spends verses trying to figure out the value of a certain "Mr. Popular," and whether she should put the kibosh on assorted hangers-on to keep him for herself.

You'll find Illangelo and Jordan figuring out what the fuss is about down below.