Ikon On the Edge of Forever

For those who thought gothic rock breathed its last mournful breath many a full moon ago, listen to the latest release from Melbourne's Ikon. Those familiar with these four fellows from down under will once again enjoy their fill of catchy guitar riffs, stompy dance floor classic beats (as heard on the exquisite "Fineline," for example) and those quintessential reverbed vocals. The songs manage to evoke image after image of teased hair and flailing arms against a backdrop of the setting sun. It's "feel-good" music with a bittersweet, blackened, gothic twist. The part of On the Edge of Forever I'm most thankful for, however, is track number nine. It is at this point that the band hits you with "Blue Snow Red Rain" - a toe-tapper that barely allows you to sit still. It's one of those tracks you just know, after hearing one time, will be given a star on the gothic rock wall of fame (perhaps in-between such favourites as the Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion" and the Clan of Xymox's "Jasmine and Rose"). More importantly, this number saves the CD from losing its momentum. It pumps out the most contagious riffs on the entire release and leads us into a three-song wind down that wraps up nicely with a slower, more ethereal Dead Can Dance-y "World Beneath the Sand." Spooky people everywhere, if you haven't yet heard Ikon, I would suggest making On the Edge of Forever part of your daily listening ritual. (Metropolis)