Iguanas Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart

It is somewhat fitting that from the city of music, New Orleans, comes an album dedicated to radio. "9 Volt Heart" refers to the radio that singer Rod Hodges grew up listening to; "The radio was my toy," he croons on the title track. That radio must have picked up Mexico loud and clear because the Iguanas' Tex-Mex sound is el primo. Slinky after hour workouts like "The Liquor Dance" and "Mexican Candy" are sensual as a Tijuana night and the double saxophone assault that has become the Iguanas' trademark gives songs like "Flame On" a thick booming Chicano R&B sound. But Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart isn't all umbrella drinks and sex. The father/son ballad ("Machete Y Maiz") is straight out of the poverty stricken finkas and "Abandonado" is a you're-dead-to-me-now break-up heart-wrencher. File next to Los Lobos' and enjoy with mucho cervesa. (Yep Roc)