Iggy Pop "Nobody's City" (ft. Nick Cave & Thurston Moore) (Gun Club cover)

Iggy Pop 'Nobody's City' (ft. Nick Cave & Thurston Moore) (Gun Club cover)
Today (May 2) marked the issuing of Glitterhouse Records' third instalment in its Jeffrey Lee Pierce-saluting compilation series, the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project. Kicking off the latest volume, Axels & Sockets, are Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Thurston Moore, who have teamed up to tackle the late Gun Club leader's "Nobody's City."

The raucous blues-punk number gets a spit shine from the trio, with Pop first putting his scathing warble in front of the microphone. Cave takes a supporting role in the chorus, but brings his booming, derelict baritone into the forefront a few times throughout the cover. There's a little more fuzz on the guitars this time around, with a laser-zap solo shot out into the stratosphere by our man Moore.

You can sample the salute down below. The rest of Axels & Sockets features the work of Debbie Harry, Pop Group's Mark Stewart, Lydia Lunch, Primal Scream, Mark Lanegan and more.