Icon of Coil Machines are Us

Icon of Coil return for their third full-length release. Machines Are Us is a forward-looking synth-pop album. It’s filled with energy and at times seems politically charged. This is definitely a club album. "Remove/Replace” is just one example of the DJ-friendly tracks Icon of Coil offer. However, Machines are Us is also a reminder of how more and more pop culture is bleeding into dark culture. Icon of Coil inadvertently pose the question, "Is there still an underground?” "Shelter” is a perfect example. It’s fun and emotional but not much different from the electro-beats blaring at the last hipster party I attended. Adversely, "Transfer: Complete” is a more successful attempt of mixing techno with darkness. It’s beautifully layered synth beats and melodies are arranged amongst daunting vocals. Furthermore, "Dead Enough for Life” is just catchy and emotional enough to work in this skirmish of pop and subcultures. Ultimately this is a good album for anyone looking for a sinister edge to their CD collection. Likewise, if you’re looking for something to groove to you’ll want to check out Machines are Us. (Metropolis)