Ian La Rue Bull Days

Winnipeg’s Ian La Rue pull together scatterings of found sounds, expressive vocal fabrications and flowing, atmospheric guitars, both acoustic and electric, to create the masterful EP Bull Days. "Catalyst/conquered” is wrought with the sense of a restrained disappointment that morphs into a wonderfully explicit introduction and becomes an irresistible invitation to delve deeper into La Rue’s songwriting. These songs sound like they’re gritting their teeth, trying to contain themselves within a sense of hurried insistence that is cloaked in flowing, acoustic atmospheres. La Rue allows for varied elements to trickle into these jaded lullabies. "Disorgan” is a multi-instrumental journey into shards of chaos, while "A Crow’s Flight” carries sloping, country jangles that swirl in and out of the arrangements. Bull Days denotes a landscape of languor and disenchantment carved out against a patchwork of intricately weaved styles. (Independent)