I See Rowboats Hide & Seek Behind the Throne

The debut EP from this five-piece from Halifax is deceptively confident, as just when you think the songs have run their course a new curve is introduced, making this music a little frustrating but ultimately quite satisfying. The best example would most likely be the atmosphere-heavy "Begging For It,” which spends its first two minutes in an unremarkable instrumental haze until the evocative vocals of Will Robinson kick in, bringing a new dimension and depth to the song. Cutting close to Beirut style melodramatics, it’s a highly promising start. Of course, just when you’ve relaxed, the bouncy, energetic album highlight "In Cars” comes out of nowhere and, again, it’s Robinson’s admirable voice that really nails the song. Finally, closer "Waiting Up” is beautifully subtle in its floating strings and affecting harmonies. Although it’s just a taste, the mix of interesting instrumentation and Robinson’s gorgeous vocals make this a pretty awesome start. (Independent)