I M U R and Teon Gibbs Team Up on New Single "No Strings"

The Canadian acts share natural chemistry on the track

BY Haley BenthamPublished Oct 20, 2021

Vancouver's I M U R and Teon Gibbs join forces for the new track "No Strings." The rising artists have been making their mark amongst the city's growing hip-hop and R&B scene — this collaboration is just the next step.

"No Strings" is replete with vibey vocals and underscored by addictive bass to produce the perfect late-night listen. The single arrives with an equally dreamy video filled with technicolour lights and notebook scribbles that meld with the artists.

It's no wonder I M U R and Teon Gibbs have built strong fanbases amongst Vancouver's music scene in recent years, with both artists offering tunes with such effortless charisma and catchiness. The artists meld their respective sounds so naturally — it seems the collaboration was always meant to be.

While the respective artists continue to turn heads as they evolve, we'll have "No Strings" on repeat.

Watch the video for the track below.

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