Hypnotech 3 In Tune with the True Distortion

It is the digital age, and as we run the risk of an information glut in the multi-channelled universe, so we run the risk of an electronic music glut with many a budding musician wired for recording. Here is a self-published debut from Hamilton duo Hypnotech 3, which is a spare, finely tuned, moody ambient recording with pitter-pattering keyboard blips strolling atop a light pulsing drumbeat. The album works fairly well as an ambient gesture (though the "mood" in moody is often one of fear), but constant repetition does not make for progress in a song, and ambient need not mean boring. The duo knows how to strike an atmosphere, and perhaps the songs would come off better in an accompaniment to a film or art piece. As it stands, I sense stadium-era Gary Numan epic-ness but no real emotion from the musicians. Few bands can get away with almost static 16-minute songs filled with electronic distortion and random progress. I imagine the recording was quite a cathartic experience for the two involved. It's a promising start. (Independent)