Hydrus + Kettel Chime/Yellow Baron

This release is the second instalment in a series of split LP’s by the Dutch label Narrominded. With this series Dutch artists share a side of vinyl with others from around the world. Chime/Yellow Baron, though, pairs two Dutch artists, Hydrus and Kettel. Hydrus creates dreamy techno laden with operatic swells, filling the air with choirs of effected vocals that seem to raise the spirit high. Small nuances of tinkering rhythms float around with some grunginess moaning beneath it. Track four changes gears into a hyper scattered and splattered drum & bass affair that grows more and more chaotic. Kettel is more of a positive, pop-driven, finger-tapping techno that causes one to feel slightly giddy while a smile emerges upon the scene. It’s feel-good music for people who maybe need a little pick-me-up or who just enjoy the daylight opening up the day or revere life and everything in general — sweetronica. (Narrominded)